Many of you came to know me through my efforts to push back on the rise of Covid authoritarianism and medical tyranny (especially on Twitter and YouTube), with a special focus on trying to understand mass hysteria from a 21st century emergent-complex-phenomena perspective (especially at FreeX).

But I’m more than a freedom fighter. I’m mainly a scientist, with my sixth book on my research which came out in 2022. Here at the Mark Changizi Newsletter I’ll be covering the wide array of my interests, which includes all the old stuff, the new stuff, the conjectural stuff, the Covid stuff, the free expression stuff — all the stuff.

And, even rarer than being a scientist, I’m an independent scientist. I’ve been a researcher or professor at George Mason University (physics), University College Cork (computer science), Duke University (neuroscience), Caltech (theoretical neurobiology), and RPI (cognitive science), but in 2010 I left regular academia to start my own research institute, I thereby became tremendously more intellectually free.

And, as it turned out, that eventually surely gave me some extra “power” at speaking my mind when Covid authoritarianism got rolling a decade later.

It also means that I don’t take a university salary, and I accordingly appreciate the support of those who have come to value my viewpoint.

So, although the content is free, your support is much appreciated. A subscription will set you back $7 per month (although more affordable to buy a one year subscription). There is also a Founding Member subscription for those who are interested in a higher level of support. For even more significant donations, consider doing so at my Free Expression Institute.

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Mark Changizi
Theorist and reluctant freedom fighter